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The Dent Company is Tampa’s premier and only Paintless Dent Repair Shop. Our process allows us to repair your damage without paint or bodywork. Most of our repairs are done in the same day and are less expensive than traditional paint and body shop processes.

Second Generation technician
20 years of extensive PDR experience
Trained and mentored globally


What We Do

Our Services

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a smart solution to removing damage to your vehicle that was caused without damaging your paint to begin with. Using a handcrafted approach we restore the damaged area to pre-incident condition.



Parking lot dents and mishaps occur and The Dent Company PDR service is a fast and effective way to restore the damaged area to perfection. Please stop by for a free lease return inspection.



Our complete reconstruction process will reshape the major damage caused by low impact accidents and maintain your original paint. Compared to traditional bodywork PDR micro collision repair by The Dent Company is the best solution for this type of damage.



Weather can happen and wreak catastrophe on your vehicle from tree limbs to hail storms. Our unique PDR process can reshape even the most severe damage caused by these events.



Much like traditional metal Aluminum is another component to PDR that we have mastered. With extensive experience dating back to our years working in Switzerland in 2002 we can repair dents in Aluminum with exceptional results.


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a incredible application to maintain your classic car’s appearance and original paint work. We are experts at working with the thicker sheet metal associated with classics as well as the delicate nature of the original paint.



We love Porsches and have extensive experience working on them. As experts, we know the intricacies of construction, the types of metal used, and how to access any damaged area with the least amount of disturbance to the vehicle.

What Our Business Partners Do

Other Services Offered

Through our partners, Auto Paint Guard and Presidential Detailing, we offer other vehicle services all under one roof. Each company specializes in their area of work and are highly trained professionals with many years of experience in their line of work.

Paint Correction

With multiple light sources, we inspect and polish every inch of the vehicles paint to as close to perfection as possible. Our experience allows us to find the safest methods to remove scratches, swirl marks, and the defects within the paint.

Ceramic Coating

We offer a total surface protection experience for your vehicle. We use ceramic coating technology to protect everything from your exterior paint, exterior trim, wheels, and glass windows.

Paint Protection Film

Protect your vehicle from rock chips, road debris and bug damage with Suntek or XPEL paint protection films. We offer the highest level of quality, custom computer cut templates, and many years of install experience.

Window Tint & Protection Film

We offer all of the major brands including XPEL PRIME, 3M Crystalline, and Suntek films. You can choose your level of privacy with any of our films. The main difference in films will be their ability to reject heat and UV rays. Our installer has over 20 years experience installing window film.


What Our Customers Say

Stephen Wright
They were able to get me in on my lunch from work and wait an additional 30 minutes for me to pick up the car after they closed, the dent was fixed LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED and the price was amazing. Clean and professional operation and very nice people, they even washed all the love bugs off my car for free! I am so happy I found them.
david walters
Was nervous I was going to have to get my door replaced. I was referred here by a friend, and couldn't be anymore excited over the outcome. Just like new!!
Dan Chemnitz
Michael is a true master of his craft... on two separate occasions he has taken care of dings on my car courtesy of mindless folks that fling their doors open with zero regard. Each time the results have been perfect and they look brand new! Thanks so much for the time and attention Michael... by far the best in the bay!!
Justin Sapp
Very professional setting and group. Brought my black Tundra in, after my son tested the door with a bat, and straighten it right up. Buffed it and couldn’t tell it was ever hit. Thanks again! Best in town.
Robin Stafstrom
We had a 4" dent in the roof of our 2018 Challenger located right above the rear window, a difficult place to repair. Michael and the Dent Company team repaired it and made the car look better than new. They had the car for only a day and worked with our work schedule so that we could both drop it off and pick it up outside of their normal hours. I highly recommend them for any dent repair. We hopefully won't need to, but will use them if needed in the future.

Our Guarantee

We Stand By Our Work

At The Dent Company, we repair your dent to a 99% OEM threshold of quality and have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee or you do not pay. No paint, bondo, or fillers are ever used in our paintless dent repair process.

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Got Questions?


Here are some of the most common questions, along with the complete answers from our PDR experts.

If your paint is not scratched or gauged then PDR services by The Dent Company is likely a solution for you.

We offer free estimates which are exact price quotes: however, are prices start at $129.00 and increase based on the overall measurement of the damage. Location of the damage and type of metal can affect the final cost.

Yes of course you can, however we do all of our final quoting in person at our shop. This ensures we accurately price the repair and get a opportunity to introduce ourselves to you as well as our facility.

Most of our repairs are done in the same day. Small repairs are done while you wait and larger micro collision and storm damage typically takes longer. We do not sacrifice quality for time of repair.

Yes and No: If the damaged area has transfer from impact we will paint correct the area prior to starting the PDR process. At the moment we offer free touch up service for customers who get PDR services done with us. Not all scratches can be touched up properly and we may recommend you to one of our body shop clients if the damage is too severe.

Don’t worry there’s hope. With extensive experience repairing hail damaged vehicles we have mastered tough locations and can access any area of the vehicle.

In order to provide our customers with exceptional repair quality we use special lighting and equipment that being mobile does not allow. Our shop is equipped with special tools and lighting that being mobile doesn’t allow. Additionally instead of waiting to schedule a repair on someones elses time frame we can take your repair the same day! Our state of the art facility offers

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If you can upload a photo of the damage on your vehicle, this will help us get a better idea of what needs to be done and we can give you a more accurate quote.
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